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Jonathan Huguenin

Hello, Andrew,

English is not my first language, I hope you will understand me well ;)

I have noticed that the problem occurs if you add a motion path to the GIF.

I can't say why there is this problem, because I noticed that the GIF doesn't have a loop.

However, I found a solution - so you have to respect the duration of the GIF animation in the timeline (2 seconds for you) and then finish with a still image that is displayed right after.

Here are some screenshots if it can help you.

Dave Cox

Hi Andrew,

Here is an alignment tip!

I often need to overlay one or more images in the same location. If your gif and png are both the exact same size, and the image is in the same spot, lineing them up is as simple as using the align tools. Select both images, and select align left, and align top, and this will position the images exactly on top of each other. Group them, and then you can move them together wherever you want. You can also reference the x and y coordinates of the first image in the ribbon, and set the x and y coordinates of the second image to max. This works well when your first image is already positioned just where you want it.