Girl Gone Trigger Happy. Good For Girl...Not So Much For Learner :-)

May 03, 2017

Need help, please!

I've made the following changes to an existing template (see attached):

  • Added 3 additional "Hazard" btns, initially was only 4
  • Added the Visited states, initially only Normal & Selected
  • Changed the trigger states from 'reset' to 'visited' When next Hazard is selected
  • Added a Disabled Next button and set to Initial state. The Next button will change to Normal when all Hazard buttons have been visited.

As it is now, if the learner click the hazards out of numerical order the visual states will be very confusing, though the Next button will eventually appear allowing learner to move forward. I'm trying to prevent this confusion.

What trigger(s) needs to be added, or adjusted, to make this a seamless process if user clicks out of numerical order?

Thanks you in advance for any helps.

I'm using SL2

2 Replies

Mr C,

I love, love, love the 2nd slide..more on it in a moment.

The 1st slide didn't initially feel intuitive, had to take a moment to determine if I was already on Hazard 1 since it was visually different from the other Hazard buttons.

However, the 2nd slide was spot on. You even added rollover states and the Next button appeared as when it should have....brilliant!

Thank you for your time and your examples.

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