Give us an "HTML5-only" Publish Option

I've seen the staff arguments that "HTML5 is still an emerging standard."

No. It's not. It was emerging in 2008. Now it's a standard and Flash is all but dead as it is rife with security issues and unsupported on the devices that real people use most. In December 2011 (the year Adobe abandoned mobile Flash), research firm Strategy Analytics forecast sales of HTML5 compatible phones would top 1 billion in 2013. We are among a growing tsunami of companies that are looking to eliminate Flash-based content and containers as soon as possible.

I've also seen the staff arguments that "HTML5 displays differently in different browsers."

News flash; so does everything else on the web. Let us deal with that. It's what we do. It's time to give us the option to publish as HTML5 only.

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Joseph Conrad

I have one user who has Flash installed and runs it only when he chooses to, so is prompted to run Flash and hasn't heard of my site, so he tells me he won't view my e-learning. The paranoia about Flash is real, so let's put an end to its use completely or at least give us an option to publish in HTML5 only. While I'm aware that "it only takes seconds" to clean out the Flash/SWFs, it doesn't change the fact that you can only improve your product for HTML5 when the output is always HTML5 and there is just no good business case to keep Flash.

Matthew Bibby
Joseph Dowdy

and there is just no good business case to keep Flash.

I disagree.

There are still many who (despite the obvious security issues) rely on Flash. This is often due to them having to use old browsers (that have limited HTML5 support) in order to run proprietary software. 

Rachel Craig


I agree on the accessibility issues with HTML5 and Storyline. The workarounds I have had to create to make up for the fact that you cannot use any of the accessibility features for the Storyline player in HTML5 and that only the Flash output is 508 Compliant is very frustrating. HTML5 users want accessibility too!


Keith K.

If I could throw in my two cents, I would like to see HTML5 content that can run in more standard browsers on desktops. Storyline's HTML5 output limited to Chrome only on a desktop is more restrictive than requiring the Flash player on any browser.

Is there some more cross-browser support in the works at this point?

Steve Flowers

Much of the stuff I've built over the past half-year has targeted HTML5 specifically (referencing the story_html5.html file to launch.) In almost all cases, testing cross-browser has revealed that everything works as expected in each browser tested (Chrome on Mac / PC, Firefox, Safari, Safari iOS.) I'm not using a lot of video or audio in these bits. I would guess that some older Firefox versions are going to choke on video publish.

Is there something you're seeing that works differently when published from Storyline 2?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

Currently the HTML5 output is only supported in the following desktop environments:

  • Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version) 

As for our future plans, our team is always looking at ways to increase support for other environments and browsers. I personally like to keep an eye on this site: as it helps rank the different browsers and how they'll perform.

As Steve mentioned, lots of users report success with HTML5 across browsers if they've been able to directly point to the HTML5 output. 

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

I have to agree with Steve. I have tested SL2 HTML5 output in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari with only minor problems that I rarely find to be issues hindering my development.

I don't understand why this HTML5 output is such a big issue with some people. It's terribly easy to separate the flash files from the HTML5 files if needed after publish. I can imagine that Captivate users would complain, as that has an HTML5 only option. But that tool sucks in so many ways! For re-usability of interactions especially! And I love a lot of Adobe applications! Just not that one.