Giving credit in LMS for viewing a video


I'm working with a 3rd party to create a 4-minute whiteboard video . It will be delivered as an mp4. For this project, I just want to have the learner play the video and get credit for doing so in our LMS. As an Articulate file, I can publish as a SCORM 1.2 package...but is the best way to do this to put the video on page 1 and give credit when the learner visits page 2?  or could I just grant credit when the learner visits page one? I realize I could make the learner sit through all four minutes by only letting them advance after 4 minutes...but I'm not sure I want to do that. 

Anyone out there who has similar assets in their LMS?  We use Saba by the way. And for this project, no check for understanding quiz. (though I could put in a very short and simple one)


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Alexandros Anoyatis

If you publish using SCORM 1.2 then you can create a T/F question off the slide and trigger a selection change when the video ends. This will be transparent to the user, but your LMS will count this as an answer to a(/the only) question and return the appropriate result.

Hope this helps,

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Russell,

Here is a tutorial on how to submit the completion of a course on a particular slide and you could use "restricted" player navigation so that the user can't advance to slide 2 until the timeline of slide 1 has finished (presumably the timeline of the slide is the length of the video, unless you've inserted it as a web object).