Giving students a link to Storyline 360 project


This is a plea from a very non technical person! I have created a project in articulate storyline 360 and simply want a link to give to my students to use it. However, I don't have a website or a server or anything like! Where could I host the project and how could I get a link for my students!

Thanks so much!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joe,

Thanks for sharing what you are needing some help with publishing and sharing your Storyline 360 project. We do have an option for publishing to CD for local viewing, but this would require the file to be sent to each student and would not provide an easy link. 

I'm sure some of your fellow community members will be able to chime in and share their ideas with you.

In the meantime, perhaps a service like Amazon S3 would work for you. Here's another post in the forums where this was discussed.