[Glitch] Users stuck on blank slide, with random elements of other slides on this slide

Hi all,

I've encountered a very strange glitch that is preventing learners from proceeding with the rest of the course.

During the quiz (randomised from question bank) they are encountering the attached slide.

What's peculiar is that this slide has random elements from other sections of the quiz on it - none of the separate text boxes in the screenshot appear together on a single slide in the project file.

To add to the confusion, looking at the reporting from the LMS, around 600 people have successfully completed the course vs. around 60 who are listed as 'incomplete' (so allowing for people who have simply closed the window the actual number of glitches is much smaller).

We've only received 2 reports from learners about this issue so far.

Does anyone have any suggestions to try?

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Crystal Horn

Hey James.  That certainly does look odd.  I'm guessing since the questions are randomized out of the bank, not every user is seeing this slide.  I would be curious to know if one of those question draw slides somehow became corrupt.  The trick would be to find it.

You may be able to see in your LMS reports which question the 2 users are encountering.  Storyline sends this quiz data to your LMS, including the identity of the question using this criteria: 

  • id: Storyline sends a series of data for this string to identify the Scene#, the QuestionDraw# (if applicable), and the Slide# in that particular scene or question draw.

Seeing which question slides the 2 users who reported the issue have in common might help to narrow down which slide is causing the issue.  Of course, we are happy to help test as well!  You can share your file with our support engineers to see if we can reproduce the issue.