Glitchy States

I have a slide that has three images on the side.  Each image has a text box.  I've changed the states on both the images and the text boxes to change color (black and white) when hovered over and to red when the user clicks on them.  

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.  Sometimes I click it and it turns red, but as soon as I take my mouse away, it goes back to the original color.  

This is happening on two different slides in the same course.  Any suggestions?

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Walt Hamilton

All built-in states (like hover, down, selected, etc.) come with their own triggers to perform their built-in duties. Glitches in states frequently come from creating a custom trigger to perform those built-in actions. The duplication seldom has desirable results. Another frequent cause can be the manner in which the states are created. Another... you know what? If it isn't custom triggers conflicting with built-in triggers, if you attach your .story file here, someone can give you some specific help.