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Aug 02, 2016

I'm building a course with four or five scenes. In a test, I used one layout for global links to navigate within the course. What I want to do is have the link for Scene 1 only show a selected state when the learner is in Scene 1, and then when learner visits Scene 2, only Scene 2 link is selected, and so on. I tried using variables but haven't had any success.  Of course I can use a separate layout for each scene, but wondered if using one layout is possible. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

Do you mean you've set this up on a slide master layout? You should be able to utilize variables to show this. You'd need to adjust the variable when the user is in the particular scene and ensure the slide master layout has a corresponding trigger to adjust it. If you've got a sample file going, it may be easier if you're able to share a copy of it here with folks and then they can offer examples based on your set up. 

Ken Venick


I've attached the file. In the Slide Master, there is one Maser called Test that I have applied to the slides. The Trigger to adjust the state of the text links is on Test; the trigger to adjust the variables is on the first slide in the scenes. I also have triggers on the first slide of each scene that changes the value of the other variables to 0.

I can get the states of the text links to change, but there is a lag, so when I click one link it takes me to the correct page, but the state does not change. Then, when I click another link, the first one will change.. And worse, sometimes more than one state is changed at the same time. My guess is the fix is simpler than I know.


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