Global previous button for Quiz Banks?

I have a large exam, broken down into 25 quiz banks. After the user completes one quiz bank, they are automatically directed to the next quiz bank until all quiz banks have been completed.

When the user clicks the PREVIOUS button, they are only able to review the questions that fall within the current quiz bank. For instance, if I completed quiz bank 1 and am now working on answering the second question in quiz bank 2, hitting the previous button will only take me to the first question in quiz bank 2. The only way I can view the questions in quiz bank 1 is if I used the navigation pane and clicked on quiz bank 1.

Is there a trigger that would allow the user to review all questions via the previous button?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anna,

Have you looked at using a "Review" button on your results slide? That would allow a learner to review all the questions connected to the results and if you're using Storyline 360 you also have the option to allow them to review only the incorrect ones. 

I'll be curious what other ideas folks in the community have!