Globally disable Next Button

Jun 07, 2019

Hi all

I have just recently started using Articulate 360 and love it. I have been building slides with layers and don't want people to move to the next slide until the layers are completed.  Is there any way to globally set the Next button to not allow the learner to move until they have completed the layers and any activities on the slide?

I have seen that you can set each Next button for each slide and then set conditions. Is there a better way? 

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Adam Zamczyk

I never use built-in navigation buttons, as they usually don't match the course design. 

Instead, I always create my own navigation buttons, I set the next button default state to Disabled. 
On every slide, I have a trigger to change the state of the next button to normal state when the conditions on the slide are met (and you can have different conditions per slide - activity, timeline, questions or drag and drop, or any other variables). 




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