Glossary and audio

I know there have been a number of posts about creating in-course glossaries beyond the built in glossary tab in Storyline.  In my case, I have a project where the client is insisting:

·         That each time one of the 60 or so glossary terms appear in the course that the term has some kind of highlight to it

·         And when the word is clicked a voiceover will read the onscreen text definition to the learner

And before my design friends say anything… Having a conversation about the lack of value to reading onscreen text is sadly not an option. 

The only way I can think of doing this is to create 60 lightbox slides, each with its own narrated definition.  Then put a hyperlink on the text to provide a visual highlight indication that it's clickable (I think this is probably easier than actually highlighting the text and putting a hotspot to cover that word)  and having the appropriate lightbox slide open on click.

Does anyone out there have any easier or more elegant approaches?  Or any suggestions that may make my idea easier to create?  Maybe how to ensure the learner doesn’t hear multiple audio tracks both from  the original and the lightbox slide?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gordon,

Just curious - why lightboxes? As much as I love them, I would personally prefer to have layers.

I would hyperlink the text or create a state on the text for the "highlight" effect. Then, have the audio on a layer. If you want to show additional information on that layer, you could do that as well. 

If you want to avoid double-playing of the audio, you could use variables. For example a True/False variable that adjusts when the media completes on the base layer, then a trigger that only plays the audio on the layer (or lightbox) if that variable hasn't been adjusted. 

Just some thoughts I wanted to share :)