Glossary and Resources wont display...

Hi Everyone.  First time I have posted in here - I have been lurking and learning for awhile :)  

I am having a few problems with a project (Storyline 2) but the main one is that although the links to Resources and Glossary are on the top of the slide, and I can see the Resources and my Glossary listings in normal view, when I publish the links wont work at all. 

Any help is always appreciated 

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Alison Faruk

Thanks Wendy - but found a bit of a work around.  For some reason the Resources link would not work when placed on the right hand side.  I popped it onto the left hand side to see what it would do and its working now! I created my own little glossary via a slide and layers and then added a glossary button to the top menu.  All sorted... and yes, no more lurking! LOL  I have learned so much from so many amazing people here, hope to be able to contribute myself soon. Cheers Wendy. 


Derick Young

Hi Wendy. Yes it is a huge file. The good news is Articulate Support was able to fix. There was a setting from the previous developer in the player that got adjusted when I converted from SL2 to SL360 so he just set the custom settings to default. All good now. Thank you for getting back to me though!