Glossary Assistance?

Hi Everyone

I'm currently building a course within Storyline on 'Writing an effective resume' and I'm including key terms/words within the content and would like them to directly link to the inbuilt glossary function within Storyline. Basically when a participant clicks on a key word, I would like the inbuilt glossary to appear. Can someone please advise whether this is possible and also how I could build this functionality within the content?

Any help or assistance would be much appreciated. Look forward to your ideas.



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Antony Snow

Phil Mayor said:

You could add a hotspot and caption on a layer with the definition when the hover over the word, more work but worth the effort

Hi Ruth,

The work-around Phil has suggested is perfectly usable and I have used a similar approach on my projects. As Phil says, there is a bit more work but my users preferred this to the in-built glossary.