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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Kim,

Currently there's not a way to alter the spacing of the glossary items, but that would make a great feature request! In the meantime though, here are a couple things you can do:

  • If you want to create a little more breathing room between the glossary items, you can add an extra empty hard return (or two) to the end of the term definition. 
  • Another thing you might want to experiment with is changing to a different player font, to see if that improves the readability of your glossary terms. You can do that by clicking Home > Player > Colors and Effects, and finding the option for Player Font.
  • A third idea is to change the output size of your course and player, so that the player itself (and the text it contains, including the glossary) can display at a larger size. If you click Home > Player > Other, you'll have some options for browser size and player size. If you choose Scale Player To Fill Browser Window, your published output will no longer be locked at its native size when you publish your course. So, users can view it at a size as large as their browser window can accommodate. This might improve readability. The downside is, the slide content will also scale, which can cause the images and other content to lose a little bit of clarity..