Jan 06, 2014

Hello, I know this topic has been covered a lot already, but I'm wondering if anyone can help with specific advice?

I need to create a Glossary for a module, preferably as similar in look and feel to the one attached as possible (this image is from Lectora, although it may be a Flash element as the original version was a Flash module).

Unfortunately I don't have Engage, but that type of glossary would certainly be acceptable. Can anyone think of any way of creating this other than using layers for each letter? If I do go down the route of building manually, could I add the layers to the slide master, and use a button on the menu bar with a variable & a trigger on each slide to launch from the master?

The built-in glossary will work as a last resort- is there a way I can launch it from the module without using the button in the player?

Thanks for your help. It's quite frustrating that I'm limited to copying the style below when building in Articulate, but I've created a few courses (without glossary) that look and feel very similar, albeit with some manually produced elements, such as the progress bar.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew, 

If you don't wan to use the built in Glossary functionality, you may want to look into setting up your own Glossary within a lightbox. This tutorial deals with creating a menu in the lightbox slide, but the set up would be similar. There is some additional discussion here  and here on creating a custom glossary within a lightbox where you could add some additional things like images. 

In regards to the progress bar, you may also want to review this thread where there are some examples shared. 

Michael Oswald

Hello my Storyline peeps!  I have added a glossary but when I run the  module, the glossary is automatically expanded.  I would like it minimized.  The only info I seem to be able to find is how to take the glossary option off the slide completely...which I do not want to do... however, I would prefer to have it not automatically show up...rather have the learner click on the three lines to expand it, if and when they so choose.  Does this make sense?  Any thoughts?