Glossary has extra blank page when published

Hi- I imported an old storyline 1 course into storyline 2, and added in a glossary file. All works well in the player within storyline, but when I post into the ComplianceWire test site and the CompianceWire software, there is a blank page before the glossary that I need to hit next to move past. How can I remove this extra blank page? Thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hello Elisabeth!  I just wanted to get some clarification from you... did you add a glossary through Storyline's glossary feature in the Player?  If not, is your glossary a slide of it's own, or an attachment in your Player resources?

If you'd like to attach your .story file here, that'd be handy for us to have a look at your setup.

Elisabeth Schwartz

Hi Crystal- Here is the .story. Please don’t post on the website as I don’t want it to be public.

I had a Storyline 1 glossary file that I uploaded into the story. I have no idea if it became an attachment or part of the story- I think it is part of the story as there is only one file. Please let me know your thoughts.