Glossary import/export vs Quiz import/no-export

This is an old request of mine.

Quiz questions are not handled well in SL 360. Once a question ceases to follow the master, (see below), "Reset Slide" doesn't fix everything (especially states of choices). 

The fix unfortunately is deleting the question and re-entering the question by hand. No fun if there are lots of questions.

This is where quiz import/export would be really great if only it worked as well as the Glossary import/export.

We use quiz import but it doesn't support correct/incorrect feedback. 

I'm surprised there isn't more clamor about this.  We see these problems all the time:

- Choice states somehow get another font or size so hovering on the choice will shift the text.

- Alignment of questions, and choices can get mis-aligned

- Making a mod to the question or feedback master doesn't propagate through all the questions. Especially attributes like font, border, shading.

All this would not matter if "Reset Slide" actually re-applied the slide master/ feedback master completely to the quiz.

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