Glossary Importing????

I have a number of individual training & testing modules (8-modules total) around a specific topic and want to share a common GLOSSARY.

So, I'd like to import the same GLOSSARY into multiple modules rather than the copy/paste method I have tried - it just takes too long.  

I hope you have a quick solution for IMPORTING A GLOSSARY to multiple modules with similar content.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

The directions at that link are how to share a glossary (or resources) from one project file to another.Although resources and glossaries are configured in theplayer, they aren't actually stored in the player. As a result, you can't share resources and glossaries with other projects or other developers by using the same player.

To share resources and glossaries, you'll need tocreate a Storyline template.You muststarta new story from the template for the resources and glossary to populate the player. If you import the template into anexistingstory, the resources and glossary won't populate the player.

It sounds like you already have the Storyline files created?

Tom Mcdonough

Ashley, yup, the courses are already set/created.  I understand about the template with the glossary/resources included.

So, if the glossary or resources are not stored in the player, where are they stored?

If you tell me where they are stored, I can copy and paste into existing training - right?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

They're stored in the original .story file, although to share them it would have to be a .storytemplate. You could try starting a new template, and importing in a .story file to see if it would keep those elements - but generally it's best to start it from a new .story file using that template.