Glossary Tab in Player seems to need a trigger???


I thought doing a Glossary was going to be simple--I would just put in a couple of entries in the glossary, make sure the glossary displays in the player (it is--top right, near exit), and publish.... click on the tab and voila, I see my words! Isn't that how it should work?? I shouldn't have to make a trigger, right?

But it seems like my glossary tab needs a trigger. Here's what may have complicated things....I imported my standard player, with custom colors, etc. It had glossary that went to a URL. I removed that, but the trigger is still there. I removed the whole glossary entry and put it back in, but it still wants a trigger. I don't want to reset the player, because then I think I'll loose all of my customization. So, how do I either:

1) reset the glossary only (Deleting it doesn't seem to work)

2) make a trigger that opens the glossary. (I don't see that as an option)




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Janet Bernhards


Thanks so much for your reply and video. I think my problem is that there is no built-in glossary displaying. Good tip on how to recognize the custom glossary. You're correct, that's what I had and kept deleting, thinking that typing it in again would re-create the built-in one. Wrong! I saw where the built-in was located, and I think that's what stumped me. I don't have it displaying. See screen shot attached.

Based on something else I read in another thread, it could be that it's not showing because I have all of the player features turned off.

That was a rather long way of saying that I'm going to go back into the slides and activate the glossary setting in each one. Maybe that will cause it to reappear.

I'll report back :-)


Janet Bernhards

Well, that wasn't the answer, BUT, I did figure out what it was! You experts probably spotted it already in my screen shot. I was really perplexed about how "glossary" didn't show when it was obviously a built-in feature....and then I realized that my "acronyms" was really the built-in glossary, and that I had renamed it from glossary to acronyms. I think I did that a few years ago...

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I surely didn't remember that I could move items from the sidebar to the top, so that was very helpful. I'm all set!