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Tizi Cavagnoli


Step 3 (Optional): Modify the Selected State for Answer Choices

Storyline adds a Selected state to each answer choice and gives it a glow effect. When a learner chooses an item, its Selected state will automatically be invoked, so it'll be obvious which item they've chosen.


You can modify the Selected state with different formatting. To learn how, see Adding and Editing States.

The default color for the glow effect comes from your theme colors, specifically Accent 5. To learn more about theme colors, see Working with Theme Colors.

Heidi Vermeersch

I created some new questions with the glow, but the glow does not show.  First I thought perhaps there was something wrong with my graphical card.  But it does not work on another computer either.  It does accept the responses you select (even if you do not see what you selected).

I opened some older quiz files, also with the glow, and they do not work either.  The glow does not show.  Even when published, the glow does not show.

Could this please be solved?

Thanks for your help!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tizi and Heidi!

You're running into this, I know that had to be frustrating! We just released a fix for that issue in Storyline 360. Simply update Storyline 360 to the latest version, and you'll be all set!

I also did a quick test in the most recent version of Quizmaker 360, and it appears to be fixed there as well. 

Heidi, could you update your version of Studio 360 and let me know if that solves it?