Glowing/ Surging state on buttons

Mar 31, 2014


I am hoping someone will be able to supply good news for me. My question is if there is a way to add a "glowing", "surging" or almost "shimmering" state to objects that you have as buttons. Our goal with this would be so the user can automatically see the clickable items on the screen. I know you can add a glowing hover state to objects, but is there an almost animated constant surging glow that you can add? Or anything that animates to extra notify the user to click it.

I know that there are the markers that you can add but I want to add it to objects, texts and shapes I already have.

Any insight would be appreciated!



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Bruce Graham

Bailey Kennedy said:

Hi all,

Thank you that's what I ultimately figured but just wanted to triple check. While I have this post going... does anyone know if you can change the size of the built in "markers" or are they pre formatted to only be that size.



Hi Bailey - at the moment, one size only I'm afraid.

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