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Jeff Forrer

What I am looking for is a way to jump to a specific slide based on user role.  So if you have 8 roles, each one going to specific slides in a course without repeating the slides.

So Role 1 goes to Slide 1,3,5,7,9. Role 2 goes to Slide 1,2,4,5,8 and so on.  If you could tie JS to the jump that would be fantastic.  For now have to set a variable and have multiple triggers based on role.  Thanks for any further thoughts.

Walt Hamilton

My thoughts, which you asked for. Trying to tie the jumps to js is adding an extra layer which I see as pointless, and inefficient. Especially in your case, where the different roles visit completely distinct slides, with the possible exception of the very initial slide. In that case, create a scene for each role, visit the initial slide to determine the role, and send them to the corresponding scenes. From there, it can't be easier or simpler than "Jump to Next Slide".  Maybe even easier is a separate module for each role. My thought is that the simplest ways are the best, and usually the easiest.

If it is a case where the different roles visit some of the same slides, and some unique ones, triggers are still preferable to js. After instructional principles, probably the most important consideration for a module is future maintenance, and the one who follows you may not have the programming skills to update js.

There is a pretty good sample of  reusing some of the same slides attached to the discussion at:



Jeff Forrer

Thanks Walt for chiming in and responding, I appreciate it.  My scheme may be the best then based on your points. 

I was building my page sets per user in an Array, since I have multiple courses that have multiple users in each, all sharing some slides, unique others.  There are 100+ slides in each course so thought a JS scheme may be a possibility as these larger branching courses that I usually build. 

I have always used var's with triggers to do this, but with the scope I have was trying to see if anyone had a different way ;0)   Thanks!