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Nov 05, 2014

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue:  I'm currently working on a project in SL2.  Actions and responses inside the work area have become quite slow: selecting text boxes, moving objects, changing fonts etc.  It's click...wait...wait...wait and then the action happens.  Activity in the tools ribbon above is fine.  All other programs and functions of the computer are fine.  It is a well-"speced" machine so grunt shouldn't be an issue.  Very frustrating.  I've seen it in other projects before but can't see a pattern to it.  I began a new project today to see if the problem occurred there and everything was fine in that one.

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Steve Lyne

Hi again Ashley,


I tried all of the repair options in your attached article.  No change.

I've imported the slide causing most problems into another blank project (and got the same behaviour).  I kept deleting components until the slow-down stopped....to see if it was one of the objects on the slide.

Turns out that there were three images (only about 2meg each) that I had reduced to thumbnail size to act as buttons.  Once I had removed these the functionality returned to more-or-less normal.

So not sure what was wrong with the images that were reduced to 85x85 but the issue is there somewhere.  I am sure that has occurred on other slides in other projects for me too.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Steve for the update and I'm happy to hear you were able to narrow down what was causing the issue. You may want to look into the image type and where it is saved/inserted from - in addition to the file name or path to the image. Generally I'd recommend working with local project files and ensuring that the file name and path adheres to the guidelines here. 

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