go to timeline position

is there any way to create a trigger that would allow a learner to go to a specific timeline position?

i have a slide that includes several objects being introduced as the timeline plays - but it also allows the student to leave the slide and return to complete a task. Once they return i'd like them to go to the end of the slide - bypassing the initial object sequential introduction animations.

It would be nice to have a trigger that allowed student to go to position 30 on the timeline if these values are met.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sheila and welcome to Heroes! 

There isn't a trigger that would allow you jump to a particular point in the timeline - but you could set up your slides revisiting properties so that if they were to go back to the slide, it would return them to the saved state instead of resetting the whole slide. This way if they already viewed those initial items they would be able to continue from that point. 

Steve Flowers

Another way to do this is to break the slide into layers (slices of time). You can direct a user to a specific layer and either resume time within the layer or have it begin again. I've done this before with introductory content. Had the audio / visual components for the activity introduction play once within a layer and skipped them through conditional logic on subsequent visits.