Going back to the relevant slide (containing answers) from a quiz slide and to the quiz slide again



I'd like to setup all my quiz slide as follows; if the student's answers are wrong, I want to show a dialog window with 2 options: try again (redo the quiz) or "show relevant slide" to go back to the slide that contains the answers; if the user selects this option, he should see the relevant slide as long as he wants and then click on that to go back to the quiz page.

How can I implement this feature?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Simondavide!

I've got just the thing you need -- lightboxes! 🌟

Lightboxes make it easy to jump back to previous content without losing your current place in the course. 

On the "Try Again" layer, add a new button with a trigger to lightbox the slide that contains the relevant content for that particular quiz question. Learners will then be able to quickly view that content slide, then easily close it and go back to attempt the quiz question again. 

Let me know if that's what you had in mind!