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Stephan Sinka

Daniel - said:

Steve, Thanks for the swf file. That did exactly what i was looking for. Can you attach the flash source file for creating the fullscreen swf. I want to modify the look of the button. Or else, maybe just the method (action script code?) you used to make this. that would be really helpful to me. 


Daniel Any luck ( or more properly Skill) in modifying the swf file?I'm not well versed in the programming side  but would love to learn how to modify that Icon even if only in its position on the slide (from bottom left to upper right). Can a trigger be added directly to the slide to launch the swf and create the same effect without the use of the specific icon provided? Any guidance or insight would be MOST appreciated!



Peter Rainger

hi, this is great little trick!

However, I have a found a significant problem (I've check it on IE and FireFox) that when in 'fullscreen' view I can't seem to type into TextEntry boxes; the cursor flashes but I type and nothing appears.

The moment I ESC into normal view I'm then able to type into TextEntry boxes.

I've design some really interactive forms but they look great fullscreen but aren't usable in the smaller resolution.

Any suggestions...


Stephan Sinka

James, I would also appreciate a direct forum post  to your solution with a bit more of an explanation if you could as to how you tackled this!

Thanks in advance.

Keith Doyle said:

@onEnterFrame - Is there a way to get those files without giving up all my information and signing up on the site? Right now I'm using a responsive iframe and the native full screen API (with fallback) with a button below the content but would love to have this embedded directly into our Storyline output.

Laura Ritzler

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley) said:

We have created a free solution as well... There are a lot of ways to tackle this


Hi James, 

When I add this to my storyline file and then publish it, it works in the preview. (When I open the html5 file). However, when I upload it to moodle the button doesn't respond to anything. I tried the same thing with the sample file you provided with the same result, so I don't think I'm doing it wrong. Any suggestions? I'm running in Moodle 1.9. 

Edit: I figured out the problem, but am not sure how to fix it. I have this embedded in an iframe, and it doesn't look like the iframe is allowing it to call the javascript. Does anyone have a fix for this? 

Pierre Jouan

Great SWF, thanks  Steve.

I too have the same kind of problem.

I want to have a fullscreen EXE in the end.

I already had a SWF menu in my SL file with buttons you could select with TAB/ Shift TAB. Once I go fullscreen, nothing works anymore.

Text entry fields also stops working when fullscreen.

You can try with this simple and ugly SWF where I included the fullscreen button.

Pierre Jouan


I made a few more tests. You have to have user input to go fullscreen (mouse or keyboard).

I'm on a project with keyboard navigation so I made a SWF that will use keypresses to go fullscreen.

It works but... they're a huge drawback : no keyboard input in fullscreen mode !

I tried using : stage.displayState=StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE instead of stage.displayState=StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN but it's not working once the Flash is imported into Storyline.

I think there should be some kind of authorisation <param name="allowFullScreenInteractive" value="true" />to put in the HTML page somewhere but I don't know where and how.


You have to edit this line as follow in story_content\story.js and it works !

strHtml += "<param name='allowFullScreenInteractive' value='true' />";


Pierre Jouan

Thanks for your support Ashley !

If anyone wants to have a go :

- insert attached SWF in your project

- publish and modify "fullscreen" line in story_content\story.js

strHtml += "<param name='allowFullScreenInteractive' value='true' />";

Many thanks to Steve for his sources.

Luis Toscano

I am using the code proposed by Steve and it is working perfectly when called on the main slide. However, whenever I try to use the imported swf button from an inside layer it does nothing. Anyone knows what could be the problem? is the actionscript stage object not accessible from layers or something like that?

Marco Kothe

Came to join those who need a fullscreen button...mainly because I need the output to be hmtl5.
Once the player tabs are editable, is there  a way to call a JS function by " ExecuteJavaScript" trigger to make it go fullscreen? would it be possible? (if yes... and how can I do it?)

Thanks a lot