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Suneeta Das

Hi! I see these queries are from over 3 yrs ago! Well I'm very new to Storyline and have the same query. I want to make my story full screen, but it will be uploaded on the LMS. How do I do this?I am using 1024x769 currently but there's so much space around the story. I don't have a side menu either so the space around looks very empty! Suggestions/advice pls!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lisa,

Storyline 360 (or previous versions) don't have a true full screen option. You could look at removing all the player elements but you'll still have some browser chrome to deal with as well. You may also be able to use the browser functionality to go full screen with the standard hotkeys/short cuts that allow each individual browser to go full screen too. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Indrani! 

Thanks for including those screenshots--that's super helpful! It looks like the aspect ratio of your Story Size is different than the aspect ratio of your browser. 

When you start a new project in Storyline, it automatically defaults to 720 x 540 pixels, which means a 4:3 aspect ratio. For this project, you'll want to use a widescreen aspect ratio like 16:9, and you'll have two options:

  • Scale To Fit: This scales the slide content to fit proportionately within the new size. Objects that have locked aspect ratios will maintain their ratios. Objects that don't have locked aspect ratios may change shape, depending on the story size you choose. (Learn more about locking aspect ratios.)
  • Fill Background: This keeps the current slide background and applies it to the new size, but it doesn't resize your slide content. If you choose this option, use the corresponding Story Position drop-down to choose where existing content should appear on your slides.

Once you change the aspect ratio, republish the file. Let me know if you see an improvement!