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Michael Hinze

I'm probably missing something, but I don't quite see the connection between the number of users and a particular design approach, like responsive design. I would think that web server performance and available bandwidth are becoming major issues when the number of users is more than doubled. Responsive design allows to dynamically rearrange content to adapt to different screen sizes. Can you provide more info about you concerns?

Kenneth Farrell

Thanks for the response. Right now I have our storyline handbook sitting on a SharePoint server site. The site is a temporary site and we have 40k users that have access to the handbook. The gentleman who created this instance said that Storyline was probably would not be the right platform for a global rollout of the web handbook. We are going to make it available to 100k users globally. It will also be done with mobility in mind, meaning we will have it accessible internally and externally from all types of devices. The model will need to be scalable, supportable and governable. I was wondering if anyone had any experience taking a storyline "app" and redeveloped it in another web platform in a responsive manner.

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