Google Analytics in Storyline 2

I have just purchased the upgrade to Storyline 2 but have not installed it yet (waiting for my new laptop next week so I only have to install once). One question I am very curious about is whether Storyline 2 offers the ability to embed the Google Analytics code in the course itself, so that I only have to add it once and don't have to remember to manually add it to the HTML file every time I publish or re-publish. Does anyone know if this functionality is in Storyline 2?

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Michael Hinze

The html code snippet that makes Google Analytics work needs to be inserted into the story.html page and there is no option to do this within the Storyline authoring environment. So, either you add this code into your final published content or replace the story.html with one that has the code already in it. Either way, it's a manual edit, nothing that could be set once, e.g. in publish settings.

Monique Donahue

Thanks Michael. Manually adding the Google Analytics html snippet to my published output is what I was already doing in Storyline 1. I had submitted it as a feature request to have the option of adding it directly into the authoring environment (the way you can on Wordpress blogs/sites via plug-ins), so I was optimistically hoping that this might be one of the new features of Storyline 2. Not a deal-breaker for me by any means, but it sure would be convenient not to have to manually do this every time I publish or re-publish.

Senthil Kumar

Hi Ant,


Q: how would this work when you mvoe the course to a different URL?

A: one property/website tracking code is only for one module/course doesn't matter from where you are launching the course.

Q. As far as I'm aware, when you copy the Tracking Snippet from Google Analytics, isn't that code relevant only to one URL?

A: Yes and each Analytics account can have up to 50 properties/website tracking code