Google Drive Error 404 when sharing Storyline

Hello All, 

I published a partially finished course today to make sure I could share it with my staff using Google Drive. I followed the instructions to the letter several times, but each time I keep getting an error 404 from google. This happens on any machine and on every browser. I republished several times, replaced the folders in drive and even tested it from my local machine. The local machine test worked perfectly, but still nothing on google drive. Any suggestions to what I am doing wrong?




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeremy,

Another user shared recently that they saw Google Drive was no longer hosting content as a web server - although I have not seen documentation as such from Google. I suspect that is the thread that Wendy is referring too. If you're unable to load the content to Google Drive, have you tried any of the other hosting options mentioned here? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeremy,

I see the same behavior with that link.  This older thread has a lot of great screenshots in terms of what it *should* look like in Dropbox to help you narrow it down. Here are directions from one of our Community managers on how to upload it. 

For Google Drive, are you following the steps here?

Jean-Guillaume de Reure

Update -

 it works now, I just had to change into

I found the solution by diging deeply in the orginal post

I had to use my personal drive, when you're using the company drive you do not have the possibility to share with everyone, only with the company.

Thanks for your help anyway....