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I am embedding a google sheet as a web object for a finance management course which would allow learners to input their income and expenses and see whether they have any surplus.  I have two questions: 

1) Is there any way to limit what the learners see in the google sheet apart from resizing the web object box? (i dont want them to see the toolbar or the extra columns and rows) 

2) When two learners try and access the sheet at the same time, what would that look like? I understand this is more of a google sheet question, just wondering if anyone has tried it.




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Crystal Horn

Hi Fatima!  

1.  Inserting a web object in Storyline will include everything the site (or the html file) displays.

2.  When multiple people are editing or viewing a sheet, you'll see real-time changes to the sheet.  So it's possible that Jack will see Julie typing into a field when they're on that slide at the same time.

I'll leave it to community folks to help with getting around those challenges!  Let us know how you make out.