Google Text-to-speech in Flash and HTML5

Dec 30, 2013

Hi everyone,
At first a short intro. My question is at the end. Sometimes I need short spoken texts without using microphone and sound editor. My demands can be fullfilled in Storyline with TTS and Web Objects. I use 2 layers at least because Web Objects will be played automatically. Then I adjust the size of a player (e.g. 200x40 px), e.g.

Everything seems OK. But why can I play voices in a story.html many times and in a story_html5.html only once?

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Michael Hinze

Hi Jacek, I don't know what happening here but just like my link didn't work for you, yours doesn't work when I try to access it either (see below a screenshot of your URL, when I try to access it). I wonder if my ISP somehow blocks the Google URL when run in a web object. 

In any case, I've been ordered to shut down the computer and have some eggnog Happy New Year!

Jacek Chrabąszcz

Hi Michael, you are right, I have to switch between layers to hear TTS many times in my story_html5, in a story.html I can reuse Google player but - as you noticed - the access to the WebObject may be blocked due to various reasons. Thank you.

Happy New Year Those wishes you should hear via my TTS but there are boundaries in our global village.

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