Grade Field in Grade and Attendance Field

Oct 29, 2020

I need to help.  In my LMS, there is a grade score in the Grades and Attendance screen.  It is in my LMS.  My client needs it populated.  I am not sure where it comes from in Articulate.  It is not the score because that I get.    I used Oracle LMS.  My Grade screen has Progress:  Not Completed, Passing Status:  Fail, Grade:  Not Graded, and Attendance:  Attended.  It is the Not Graded I need to populated.  Any suggestions would be really helpful.

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Scott Wiley

If you are working with Storyline, and publishing to SCORM, when publishing you chose what to report to the LMS in the reporting and tracking panel.

Completion is either based on slide count or quiz score. The pass/fail, complete/incomplete, etc., may be somewhat decided upon what works best based on your particular LMS and what version of SCORM you are publishing to.

Hope that helps.

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