Grade not reporting back to LMS

Hi there,

I have a program of 6 modules which have been uploaded to a DOTS learning management system. The score is no feeding back to the LMS and completing the users. The modules do not have any quizzes they are purely view each slide and then it should be complete.

I am an LMS person and not an instructional designer and I am totally lost as to how to fix the situation and the course has a one week timeframe with 50 users enrolled. Our only ID person in on 6 weeks leave, HELP.

I can not attach the file for privacy reasons.

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Dave Cox

Hi Linda,

Since there are no quizzes, you need to be sure that your course completion is set to complete based on the number of slides viewed. 

  • Select the publish button, then the reporting and tracking button.
  • Select the tracking tab, and select the radio button for "Track using number of slides viewed." Set the minimum number of slides that the user must view.

I find it works best to have a final slide that either tells them to close the course, or has an exit button. Then I set the number of slides to one less than the total number of slides in the course. This way you will get a completion will all required slides have been viewed.