Grade only quiz questions attempted, not all questions available in quiz.

I would like to set up a quiz that only grades the questions the student had time to answer.  Is this possible?  I would like the score to report the percentage they got right not from the total number of questions available, but rather the number of questions the student attempted.  I will have about 60 questions, and some students may finish them all in the given time and some may complete just a portion.  It is okay if the students don't complete all of the questions.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Selene -- Thanks so much for reaching out here! May I ask if you are utilizing an LMS? Perhaps you might want to check out the following discussions to see if any of the suggestions apply to what you have in mind:

Christie Pollick

Thanks for the additional information, Selene, and unfortunately I am not aware of a method to recommend for what you have described. Perhaps others in the community who use the same LMS or have tried something similar will be able to weigh in here with additional suggestions. Or, it may be helpful to reach out to our LMS as well for their insights on what you are hoping to accomplish. 

Tami Abbott

I've built the Storyline PowerPoint and the quiz in Quizmaker but can't get it load into Storyline 2

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tami -- Thanks for the additional info, and the tutorial Wendy has shared should do the trick to help you add Quizmaker content into your Storyline 2 file -- please let us know if you have any issues! 

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