Graded Multi-Choice Qiz w/ Seperate Response Slides For Each Choic

Greetings from chilly Chicago!

I'm new to Storyline and I would like build a graded multiple choice quiz but I need to have each of the 4 separate choice display a different results slide.

In other words, if there are 4 possible answers (3 of which are in-correct) and the learner clicks on a incorrect choice they would receive a result slide that says "Sorry You chose incorrectly and here is why the answer you chose is wrong...(explanation given). Each of the incorrect answers would give them a specific explanation why their specific selection was wrong.

Can I do this? What's the best approach?

  Thanks for your help!

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Serko Srabonian

I think I used the term "result slide" incorrectly. Maybe an better example would help explain what I'm trying to accomplish:


Question: What is 1+2?

Answer A: 4

Answer B: 102.235

Answer C: 3

Answer 4: 89


Learner Selects Answer A: 4-------->(Explanation Slide Displays) "You are in correct because...."--->Next Question

Learner Selects Answer B: 102.235 -------->(Explanation Slide Displays) "You are in correct because...."--->Next Question

Learner Selects Answer C: 3 -------->(Correct Response Slide Displays)"You are correct ...."--->Next Question

Learner Selects Answer 4: 89 -------->(Explanation Slide Displays) "You are in correct because...."--->Next Question

The "Explanation Slides" must each be unique because the project is attempting to help learns assess where they are making mistakes not just reinforcing correct responses to questions.

I think I was able to do a variation of this in Quizmaker 09 by using branching if I'm not mistaken.

Thank you again for your help!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Serko,

If you'd like it to jump to a new slide altogether, you can click on the "More" button next to the individual feedback options and there you'll see the option to set up the branching to a new slide. On each of the new slides, you'll also need to check that you've set the "Jump to next slide" trigger to visit the next question by identifying the specific slide - as depending on where you'll house the feedback slides, the next slide may not be a question.  This tutorial walks you through how to customize question feedback.