Graded Question Hot Spot - 'Incorrect' Trigger

Hi folks,

hoping someone might be able to help.

I have a graded hot spot question, when someone is incorrect I would like them to get the incorrect feedback, then click the standard continue button (which I renamed as Try Again) be able to re-try the hot spot question again until they get it correct.

How would I make that happen, right now the default trigger is to go to the next slide.



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Conor!

I'd love to help! This will be a quick fix. First, I'd recommend setting the attempts to unlimited. Second, you'll need to change the trigger for the Try Again button to "Hide Layer" instead of "Jump to Next Slide." Third, if you want the user to try the question until they answer correctly, you'll need to delete the "Incorrect" layer.

I've attached a sample project for you with these settings! Let me know if that will work for you.