Graded Question Hotspot - Navigation Issue

Apr 18, 2019

I am using a Hotspot template from the built-in Graded Questions. Works fine apart from it messes up the page navigation on my course because I have 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons and the only way I can get this question to work is to remove these for the quiz otherwise when the learner clicks on 'Next' the hotspot generates a click as if that is the area of the screen that they thought was the hotspot. Is there any way around this so I can keep my navigation consistently throughout the whole course?

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Crystal Horn

Hello Giulia! Are you clicking on the hotspot slide before clicking the Next button on the Player? Storyline 360 will only remember clicks on the slide area, and the answer shouldn't change when clicking the Next button.

Clicking the Next button without first answering the hotspot question will skip the question, and that could negatively impact the score. Let me know if you think that's what is happening!

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