Graded question result slides (exist as layers-background image?)


I've brought in a couple of graded question templates that produce a solid color rectangle behind the text. 360 is apparently picking this color up from template, but I'm not able to change this. The black background is coming from the template (Fractal in the content library) but I'm not able to select this rectangle to change it. It must be in the background, but I don't know how to "get at it."   I'm attaching screen shots. Thanks in advance.

(Attachment shows an overlay of the previewed slide on top of the SL working slide.)

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Jim Penson

Hi, Martin,

Yes, it's weird. So the master slide for the layer looks like it has no fill specified. The only thing I can change is to Hide Background, and this will turn off the green whatever-it-is. You'll notice in the file that No Fill is selected. The green blob in back is un-selectable, even here in the layer master. You'll also see on the left that these all relate to the Fractal template that came from the content library. Somehow, it must be possible to select this green object. thanks for your help, Martin.