Graded Question Slide

I am trying to apply a layout to my question slide, however when I do, the Answers get forced into one of my templates text placeholder box. (Indicated by the red arrow) Which it should not do.  I have attached one image with the questions and answers where I want them, and one image with the "Apply Layout" selection applied to the slide. 

Any reasoning as to why this is happening?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Ian

I can't explain why but every since I've been using SL (from 1) this has happened if you try and apply a new layout to a quiz slide. I did log a ticket but it was never solved.  I now just highlight the options in the timeline and drag the container where I need it and expand and it's fine - annoying yes but in the scheme of things it's a quick fix.

Ian Skuse

Thanks for the response. yeah, I have had quite a few issues with the built in graded questions. The "container" and the answers within all have to be set very carefully or on publish they go out of alignment.  Having templates is supposed to make things quicker, but when it comes to questions, you have to manually layout every slide.