Graded Questions can be skipped on mobile devices

Feb 03, 2015


We created a rather massive course (almost 300 graded  yes/no questions), that works fine on desktop. On mobile devices (iOS & Android) users can progress without having to answer the questions.  It's a SL2-course, HTML5 Export.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? 

Do you know a solution to this?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Bernhard

i just created a 3 quiz T/F story with results slide and published to html5.

viewed on my iPad no problem - stopped with a popup 'invalid answer' you must answer the question when I tried to submit or access via the menu with out answering. Viewed in Safari.

here is link if you want to test

Bernhard Mayer

Hey Wendy, thanks for your reply.

Our regular courses include 7 - 10 questions (T/F, Multiple & single choice) and they work fine. The problem is just with this course.

I suppose its size could be a cause for that (as it's the only difference to our other courses), but I'd like to confirm that, before jumping to conclusions.



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