Graded Questions - Correct/Incorrect layers displaying during review - Storyline 360

Some of my questions slides display the correct/incorrect layers during the review of the quiz.  Some of them do not. 

I would be fine if they all displayed, or if none of them did, but I can't figure out what is causing some to display and some not.  

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tony

check the options selected in the Form View > Question Tab > Feedback. Sounds like some have None selected. You'll notice if you change from None to one of the others the feedback layers should appear.  Also if you change the number of attempts to be > 1 then a Try Again Layer will appear.

Hope that helps

Tony Konig

Thanks Wendy, your idea got me one step closer.  The feedback is all "By Question", so that was not the problem, but I noticed that some of the slides had "Custom Slide Layer" listed for the correct answer.  That led me through some research and experiments to find at least a workable solution.

I had to go through and delete each Correct and Incorrect slide layer, then create a new one and select the proper Feedback Master for each.  Now when I go through the review, it always displays my Correct or Incorrect slide layer again.  Wish it didn't do this, but I am glad it is behaving consistently now at least. It's a bug. 

Wendy Farmer

Sorry Tony

I should have added that if that wasn't the issue go here. Highlight the slide layer in Slide  view and the Feedback master currently in use will be highlighted - then use the down arrow to select the one you may have done this way but if not its a quick way to check they are using the correct one.