Graded Quiz in Storyline 2

I have an end-of-course graded quiz. I'd like the learner to be able to take it as many times as they need to pass. For each attempt, I'd like to show them which questions they've gotten correct and which they haven't gotten correct. However, with their first attempt, I don't want to give them the answer.

With their second attempt, my SME still wants to show them which questions were correct and which were not correct however, after the second attempt, she wants them to also get the answers.

Is this possible? And, if so, how? Thanks so much.

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Judy Nollet

I don't know of a way to toggle the "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" function on and off in a published course. Here's what I'd try for your situation:

  • Use the feedback box to explain which responses are correct. 
  • In slide view, set the initial state of the feedback box to Hidden. 
  • Create a True/False variable called FirstTry that is initially set to True.
  • Add a trigger on the feedback layer to change the state of the feedback box to Normal with this condition: FirstTry = False.
  • Add a trigger to the Retry Quiz button that adjusts the FirstTry variable to False.

With that, if the user reviews the quiz before retrying it, the feedback box will be hidden. However, the standard "Correct" and "Incorrect" labels will appear at the bottom of the slide. They have to click Retry Quiz for additional attempts, so that'll set the FirstTry variable to False -- which will let the feedback-layer trigger show the feedback as Normal. 

You could even use multiple states to provide different feedback for the first and subsequent times a learner reviews the quiz.