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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Enna,

I don't believe I saved my version of that once I saw it working - adding the variable reference at the bottom though is very easy to do as shown here. I didn't make any other changes to your file - but just was confirming the variables were being set once I clicked outside the text entry (allowing them to lose focus and set the text entry). Also, since there are spaces and other characters, it's important that they are typed exactly as you have them set - or else it will return an incorrect result. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mark! Thanks for sharing the file. I was able to take a look and there were a couple of issues:

  1. You had the state of the correct/incorrect button set to change to selected when the user clicked on them, which would never happen since they are off-slide.
  2. The Incorrect button had the wrong If statement referenced.

I think it's working as you wish now. I'm re-attaching your file.


Melanie Mornard

OK, I'm obviously doing something wrong.  I attempted to set up the variables and conditions as I thought were done in the video, but when I test the slide two errors happen.  1) the names of the various bird parts show up rather than the text "type your text here" and 2) when I hit submit I'm told to complete all the answers before submitting.  Where am I going wrong?

I've attached the slide I'm working with.  Have only been working on the trigger for the correct button.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Melanie

first thing - in the variable list you had already entered the default value to equal the answer - these should be left blank that is why you were seeing them already displayed on the slide. 

A couple of the variables were mis matching in your triggers.  

I've updated your file and also moved the correct/incorrect buttons and added text boxes with the variable references - we do this to test that things are happening as they should be with the variables - you can remove them when you want to.

You'll also need to add a trigger to change state of 'incorrect' button to selected if they get any wrong.  The easiest trigger to do is:

Change state of 'incorrect' button to selected when user clicks submit on condition state of correct button is not 'selected'.  The alternative trigger is:

Change state of 'incorrect' button to selected when user clicks submit on condition that each of the fields is not equal to the correct answer - you used the AND condition in the correct trigger use the OR condition for the incorrect trigger.

Hope this helps - any questions - just shout out.