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Sep 16, 2016

I am currently using articulate Storyline to make an exam available online to students. The quiz has a lot of specific rules for students, which are not available as far as I can tell on the program. For example: One "Pick Many" Question has 5 possible answers but students are told to list up to 3. Only one of the answers given is required for the grade however the rest of the possible answers are correct as well. Is there any way to make that a mandatory answer among other possible answers?

Another example is for multiple choice, it will say select up to 3 in the question, and require the grade to be 0 if they do select more than 3. The problem is there is no way to set a limit of answers.

Are these requests just not possible?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Lindsay. I'm not sure if it would work the way you want it to, but you can create a slide with several radio buttons and their respective answers. You'll want to make sure that you disable the "button set" option by selecting all of them and right click.

Then, under the Insert tab, select Convert to freeform, Pick One. In Form view, select the button you need as the correct answer, and don't select any other buttons as choices. You'll then make sure to add a Selected state to the other radio buttons.

This way, your required button needs to be selected, and having the other buttons selected won't impact the score.  Caveat:  if they don't select the correct answer, the quiz will think that they haven't made any selection and will want to give them the invalid answer prompt.  You can at least customize that feedback, though it will allow them multiple attempts to get that right answer selected.

For the second component of "no more than three," I suspect that you can use variables to change the score to zero when more than three buttons are pressed.

I've attached an example of the first piece of this.

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