Gradient effect in SL2


I have been using SL for quite a few years now. That said, I have one problem that is ongoing and annoying. How the heck do I use the gradient tool on shapes and images? I want to fade shapes so they blend into the background. Every time I try to add a gradient effect to a shape, nothing happens. So far I have been doing all of my gradient work in Illustrator and moving it across to SL. Is there a training video on SL2 gradients? 

I hope someone can help?



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Walt Hamilton

Be careful. If you have a background that is a gradient, and you fill a shape with the background and there is an animation on your slide, it will your computer.  If you go into fill with gradient, and fill a shape with a gradient, then use the tool to set the two or 3 points by hand, it will work.

The same thing happens in SL260, but only if the shape is on a layer.