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Michael Hinze

A gradient is a gradual blending together of several colors. The stops identify the colors. See below a gradient fill with 3 stops; Stop1=Blue, Stop2=Red and Stop 3=Green. In addition to the stop color, you can also define the stop position ('how thick is the band for the stop color') and its transparency ('how gradual or sharp is the transition to the next stop').

David Ward

That makes complete sense, Michael, but it doesn't seem to work with what I'm trying to accomplish.  I'm trying to modify a gradient in the slide background.  The preset colors don't match what I want, so I chose the gray one, which has a nice gradient but is too dark.

So I tried to configure it with the gradient stops.  First of all, I want only one color in the gradient, so I assume I need to make one of the stop's position 0% and the other's 100% (the Remove button is deactivated when there are only two stops, so I can't eliminate all but one gradient stop).  The problem is when I set a color on the gradient stop set at 100%, the color changes to the one I set but the gradient disappears in the background.  What am I missing?

Michael Hinze

Hm, I probably misunderstand the issue. A gradient requires at least two different colors. When I set up two stops with the stop position for 1 being 0% and stop 2's position being 100%, then I do see a gradient (although a very subtle one). Are you by any chance changing the transparency instead of the stop's position?