Grading of quiz questions.

I am considering purchasing articulate storyline as I have a new role in my workplace. I have to competence assess people ensuring they are building products correctly. If I was to set up a small activity in articulate and have a video to watch and then a series of questions. Having looked a a tutorial you can grade the results and have pass rates etc. 

My real question from the above is, can these results be downloaded as an individual assessment and printed for their personal files. I am not sure how you would set this up as I would need up to 60 different people with an intended printed result sheet with their own name on the sheet. Is this possible??? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith and welcome to  Heroes! 

You could include a "print results" feature on the results slide - the user can also be prompted to enter their name. It will be up to the user to actually print the page though - as it'll generate a html page within the browser that the user will then need to choose to print. 

Will you be tracking these results as well in an LMS? We don't support tracking in a database, although there are a number of community members who have set up similar things and may be able to share some expertise here with you.