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Sep 23, 2019


I am a fairly new articulate 360 user. I am currently working on transitioning assessments and quizzes to eQuizzes. This worked great for the multiple choice assessments, however, one assessment we are hoping to transition is a free response type of assessment. The assessment asks behavioral based questions to evaluate soft-skills and personality traits of participants. We use this assessment as one component in deciding to promote production workers into training roles on the floor. 

We are really hoping to find a way to create the assessment through Storyline and have the answers auto-graded for us (even if there is a third party program that can do this and interact with our LMS to provide the results digitally). Currently, these assessments are hand-graded and the process is inefficient. We basically skim the answer provided by the participant and look for key words or key values. Is there a program out there that can do this?? Any insight on how to go about creating this type of assessment and having it auto-graded would be really helpful! 

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Georvy Sacramento

Hello Mollie,

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Typically, using Storyline survey type of question is a type of question with no correct or incorrect answer. The question has no point value and the learner is not scored on response. 

You must be referring to an essay/free type of question wherein you are looking for keyword(s)/ values, right? The challenge with this is it's not feasible for the program to grade something subjective, hence I am afraid Articulate does not have software program for that, or at least I am aware of. 

I read an article though on possible workaround for you to be able grade an essay/ free response type of question but I am not accurate though if this works in Storyline 360. You might want to read the below discussion which may possibly help you out:

Best of luck with your exam!



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