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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matt and welcome to Heroes! 

With the built in state set up there isn't a way to change the "timing" of the change, but in regards to the animation element you may be able to create your own animation and have that appear on a layer that is triggered based on your variable.  The built in animations of Storyline are detailed here, although mostly limited to entrance/exit and slide transitions. In addition to those, I have heard of users creating animations within Powerpoint and saving as a gif and using that in Storyline. 

Helen Tyson

Hi Matt

There is a way of fading in a new state, which might work for you depending on the effect you're looking for. Possibly try fading in a partially transparent object on top of your original changing it from Hidden to Normal at the appropriate time.

The steps for doing this are:

  • Place your object/image on the slide
  • Create a partially transparent duplicate of the object/image in the same place
  • Add a fade entrance animation to the duplicate
  • Change the initial state of the duplicate to hidden
  • Create a trigger to change the state of the duplicate to Normal at the necessary time

Attached is a quick example

Hope this helps


Rachel Craig

Hi, Ashley.

I am actually not able to download .story files this morning. I've tried right clicking on the file, and on the download arrow, and I am not given the option to open or save any files. I specially noticed this in discussions where people attach .story files to their posts. I am able to download materials from the Download posts.

I am not sure what kind of discussion this would fall under, as it's a bit of an oddball. I am able to download zip attachments.

Thank you!